M an' M RabbitryM an' M Rabbitry Raising Jeresey Woolies, Standard Chinchillas, and New Zealand Whites

About Us
Welcome to the About Us page! I hope to give a face to the rabbitry and to all of my out of state buyers. This is Ashley the person behind the quality animals of M an' M Rabbitry. I have been raising Tan Pattern Jersey Woolies since the end of 2003, Standard Chinchillas since early 2005 and New Zealand Whites since Fall 2008. I began my rabbit raising as a 4-H project. I was in the 4-H rabbit project for five years, and I am now the leader of our rabbit and cavy 4-H Club Carrot Critters. I chose to specialize in the Tan Pattern Jersey Woolies because I absolutely fell in love with the Silver Martens ever since I got my first Black Silver Marten Jersey Wooly, Sophie. As for the Standard Chinchillas my reasons for expanding my focus to them in addition to the Jersey Woolies was that I just LOVE the chinchilla color! Plus I wanted a little bit larger rabbit for the purpose of 4-H rabbit showing. The Standard Chinchillas just fit that mold perfectly.
My reasons for wanting a chinchilla rabbit were linked to the first Jersey Wooly rabbit I had. It was a cute little chinchilla doe that I had gotten from a local breeder. Since I couldn't decide on a name for her, everyone just ended up calling her Bunny. Bunny was a fantastic, friendly little rabbit and I just adored her. Sadly she didn't live to be even a year old. She died of wool block when she was only 10 months old. Because of my mistakes with Bunny, I now take major percautions to make sure that my Jersey Woolies do not have any wool block complications. 
The New Zealand Whites came into the rabbitry in a little bit of a roundabout way. In August 2008, my grandmother's entire herd of New Zealand White and Standard Chinchilla Rabbits was killed by a rottweiler. I can only image how hard it was to go out and look at all of the empty cages everyday with no rabbits in them. So I started on a mission to get my grandmother some nice New Zealand White stock. I was able to find a wonderful breeder in Ohio who gave us a killer deal due to the circumstances. I picked up the animals at ARBA National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky that fall of 2008. I ended up taking home 8 animals, 3 of which went to Eastern Washington to begin the process of starting back up my grandmother's herd, and 5 animals that stayed at M an' M Rabbitry. The New Zealand Whites have been here ever since. 
The M an' M Rabbitry Jersey Wooly herd has incorporated many lines! I must give credit to the following rabbitries: Leapin Laura, B-Mac, Bunnies in the Box, Wooly World Rabbitry, Sugar Creeks, Kotton Tales, Jeresy Girls, Schultz, Erbs and Quarter Acre Farms.
The M an' M Rabbitry Standard Chinchilla herd has been based off of two Amazing lines. I cannot extend more thanks to Margaret Cummings of DC's Rabbitry for giving me some great foundation stock and then also to Hannah Hutchins and Scott Wiebensohn for selling me some more fantastic animals. 
M an' M Rabbitry's New Zealand White herd is based off two very strong lines from Bob Fox, of Laurelville, OH and Judie Currie, from British Columbia, Cananda. The animals from these are simply amazing and have been wonderful foundation stock.
M an' M Rabbitry Also has a small Rescue Rabbit Operation. To see current resuce rabbits available for adoption, or rabbits that have been adopted please see our Rescued Rabbits page.
Overall, raising rabbits has been such a joy and I just love every moment of it!